Supporting  young mothers is very important in Nigeria where we have numerous cases of maternal and infant deaths from pregnancy-related complications and high burden of malnutrition in children. YouMom provides young moms  [13-24 years] with emotional support, ante-natal care, maternal/infant health education and services that contributes significantly to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality cases.

Our school re-integration program provides opportunities for adolescent mothers to return to education through a peer mentoring program that prepares them for secondary school and college’ entrance examinations. Scholarships and aids are also provided to exemplary girls to pursue their educational goals.

Our approach to improving the socioeconomic status of vulnerable women is uniquely putting into consideration their abilities, experiences and skills  to manage and deliver on assigned tasks. Mom2Skill equip young women with employability  skills and empowerment trainings to help decrease their financial dependency to raise a healthy and happy child, and increase their children’s chances for success in life.

Laz and Mars 
The Laz and Mars program demystifies sexuality education in faith-based setting and teaches young people [10-17 years] the reality of a genuine non-sexual relationship between opposite sex and encourage them to imbibe the attitude of non-sexual relationships at secondary school level.

Charity Shop
This is a free shopping spree for  young women and children in disadvantaged communities. It includes wears, food items and gifts items.