Our Programs/Activity

ProjectAmen [13-19 years]
The Nigerian society detests unwanted teenage pregnancy with serious stigmatization and discrimination. Rather than support the victims through the maternal experience, most of them are left to fend for themselves, stopped from schooling and sometimes evicted from homes by families who do not want to be associated with the accompanied stigma.
Supporting these young mothers is very important in Nigeria where we have high number of cases of maternal deaths from pregnancy-related complications and high burden of malnutrition in children. This project supports young girls to go back to school and contributes significantly to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality cases.

ProjectYoumen [18-35 years]
Empowering young single mothers with life coping skills can help to ease the responsibility of raising a healthy and happy child which is one of life’s major challenges even for the most supported mothers. Also, improving their socioeconomic status will help increase their children’s chances for success.

Laz and Mars [10-17 years]
Many young people no longer have caution for sexual intercourse while some even believe that not engaging in sexual activity at secondary school level is a sign of cowardice, thereby leading many of their ignorant peers astray. The Laz and Mars program shows young people the possibility of a genuine non-sexual relationship between opposite sex and encourage them to imbibe the attitude of non-sexual relationships at secondary school level.

Charity Shop
This is a free sales shopping spree for disadvantaged young women and children in various communities. It includes wears, food items and gifts items.