Newborn Care Kits

On March 13, 2020. Young Mothers Empowerment Network launched an additional initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of young moms. The Newborn Kit project was made possible with the support of  our global partner, Dare2Care International, USA.  The debut Kits, launched in collaboration with  Lagos State Ministry of Health (Hello Lagos) featured the presentation of 100 […]

BEST SHOT Life gets really frustrating when one is trying to reach a goal, and little or no success is recorded. I know what it means to attempt many flights only to still bow to gravity. However, the fact that you haven’t met your target does not mean you won’t eventually. Not at all! I […]

YOUTHILIZE AFRICA The best of a man is definitely in his youth. That age of life usually characterised by an enormous outburst of prowess and power is usually one’s greatest asset. It is only a sheer waste of time to contest the fact everything the future holds for anyone is set in his or her […]