About Us

Established in 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria, Young Mothers Empowerment Network (YouMEN) is a nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to the development of young women and girls through social and charity ministration with or without the aid of development investments. To achieve these, YouMEN engages in various women-empowering programs and activities

Who We Are

A small community of young women aspiring to become a global community of women who are absolutely healthy and wealthy enough to meaningfully impact their present and future generations. We are poised to bridge the wide gap between disadvantaged young  mothers and quality socioeconomic life by offering them a second chance to reclaim lost opportunities

What We Do

Counselling, SRH Outreach, Charity, Capacity-Building, Advocacy, Legal Aid, Skills Empowerment, School Reintegration

Our Programs

Our Programs/Activities include Charity Shop, ProjectAmen and Laz & Mars.

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