Program News

On March 13, 2020. Young Mothers Empowerment Network launched an additional initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of young moms. The Newborn Kit project was made possible with the support of  our global partner, Dare2Care International, USA.  The debut Kits, launched in collaboration with  Lagos State Ministry of Health (Hello Lagos) featured the presentation of 100 boxes of newborn care essentials to Young Mom’s Clinic situate at Akere PHC, Ajegunle; a youth-friendly centre managed by the Ministry of Health. The cause was evidently a step in the right direction as both participants and all stakeholders were elated by the economic impact of the fully-kitted boxes on the psychological state of the young moms including those due with multiple births.  Click for more videos..
YouMEN is poised to bridge the wide gap between victims of unintended pregnancy and acceptable socioeconomic conditions by offering them all necessary supports to reclaim lost opportunities.